Faculty of pre-university, postgraduate and master’s training.

Faculty of pre-university, postgraduate and master’s training.

Information technologies

Cybersecurity System analysis Computer science Computer engineering Software engineering Information systems and technologies narrative essay topic ideas

Automation and instrumentation

Automation and computer-integrated technologies

Architecture and construction

Geodesy and land management

Management and administration

Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities Public administration and administration Marketing Finance, banking and insurance Accounting and taxation Management

Culture and art

Information, library and archival business Management of socio-cultural activities

Education and pedagogy

Physical culture and sports



Social work

Social security Social work

Social and behavioral sciences

Economics Sociology Psychology Political science

Scope of service

Hotel and restaurant business Tourism

Civil security

Law enforcement activities

International relations

International relations, public communications and regional studios International law International economic relations

Ternopil National University of Economics (TNEU) – additional information about the higher education institution

General information

Ternopil National Economic University is one of the leading universities of Ukraine of the IV level of accreditation.

Today Ternopil National University of Economics is a multidisciplinary research complex that unites 14 faculties (finance, banking, agricultural economics and management, international business and management, economics and management, accounting and auditing, computer information technology, Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and of Management, Ukrainian-German Faculty of Economics, Law, Faculty of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Master’s Training, Novovolynsk Faculty, Sambor Faculty of Applied Software, Kalush Faculty) and 3 institutes that train specialists in 9 areas, 22 specialties, 46 specializations, 68 departments training and consulting centers. In general, almost 24 thousand students are covered by various forms of education at the university.

The teaching staff of Ternopil National Economic University numbers 1,115 people, including 68 doctors of sciences, professors, 554 candidates of sciences, associate professors.

Two thirds of the departments are headed by doctors of sciences, there are 9 scientific schools. Scientists of Ternopil National Economic University with their significant achievements and discoveries form a positive image of the university. Every year the teaching staff publishes more than 2,000 scientific papers, including more than 50 monographs and textbooks.

The main base of the university is located in 10 educational and laboratory, 3 sports, 3 economic and auxiliary facilities and 7 dormitories. Important structural subdivisions of Ternopil National Economic University are:

House of Culture; University History Museum; Money History Research Center; Physical Culture Center; Economic Thought Publishing House; electronic resources library.

Ternopil National University of Economics accepts applicants for full-time and part-time distance learning in the fields of knowledge:

Economics and entrepreneurship; Management and administration; Social security; Right; Informatics and computer technology; Culture; Public administration and specific categories.

Ternopil National University of Economics also accepts applicants for external form of study in these areas, in addition to the field of Law, on / in:

Faculty of International Business and Management Ukrainian-German Faculty of Economics Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management Faculty of Accounting and Auditing Faculty of Finance Faculty of Economics and Management Faculty of Banking Faculty of Agrarian Economics and Management Faculty of Computer Information Technologies Faculty of Law Chertkov Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Management Vinnytsia Institute of Economics Kalush training and consulting center Kamenets-Podolsky training and consulting center Crimean training and consulting center Lutsk training and consulting center Novovolynsk faculty Svalyava training and consulting center Yerevan branch Faculty of pre-university, postgraduate and master’s training.International cooperation of Ternopil National Economic University

Active international cooperation of Ternopil National University of Economics is reflected in the faculties created jointly with foreign universities: Ukrainian-Dutch and Ukrainian-German and in programs introduced jointly with foreign partners: Ukrainian-Polish program of finance and insurance, English-language program in international economics, Ukrainian in computer science.

Foreign students from different countries of the world study at the faculties of Ternopil National University of Economics.

Business education of Ternopil National Economic University

Ternopil National University of Economics has introduced a licensed master’s program in “business administration” which provides training for business leaders in such innovative areas: managing the value of business to maximize it, managing organizational change in an unstable business environment, managing marketing innovations.

The program is a transitional stage to the introduction of elite business education in Ukraine, which has so far been offered only by foreign business schools (so-called MBAs).

Ternopil National University of Economics is one of the three higher education institutions in Ukraine implementing this program.

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Sevastopol National Technical University (SevNTU)

General informationMore about the university

Type of educational institution: University
Form of ownership: public
Accreditation level: IV
Cost of training per year (UAH): from 7400 to 14920
Form of training: day, correspondence
Qualification level: bachelor, specialist, master
Number of students: 10000
Free training:
Paid training:
Postgraduate education:
Postgraduate, doctoral:
Military Department:
Preparatory department:
VNO preparation courses:

Sevastopol National Technical University (SevNTU) – additional information about the higher educational institution

General information

Sevastopol National Technical University began its life in 1951 as the Sevastopol branch of the Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute.

For 60 years of development Sevastopol National Technical University has become a major educational and scientific center of Ukraine, the only polytechnic university in the Crimean region, which combines training of engineers in a wide range of fields and specialties, including engineering mechanics, energy, instrumentation , computer science, radio engineering, electronics, ships and ocean equipment, navigation, ecology and others.

The university trains specialists in 16 areas and 24 specialties.

At Sevastopol National Technical University, 10,000 students study at five faculties, including 6,000 full-time students and 4,000 part-time and part-time students.

Sevastopol National Technical University is a center for the introduction and development of new learning technologies.

The university has created educational, research and production complexes, uniting large enterprises, research centers and educational institutions in the region.

The high level of students’ knowledge is confirmed by their participation in the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads. Every year more than 40 students of Sevastopol National Technical University are awarded diplomas of winners and prize-winners of Olympiads and All-Ukrainian competitions of student scientific works. According to the results of these competitions SevNTU is among the 5 best technical universities of Ukraine.

Experienced teachers and scientists teach at the university, including winners of State awards, Honored Workers of Education, 50 professors and doctors of sciences, more than 250 associate professors, candidates of sciences.

Sevastopol National Technical University actively employs the Institute of Modern Technologies and Innovations SevNTU-FESTO, Delkam Training Center, Interdepartmental Laboratory of Biomechanics, Center for Training and Certification of Fleet, Crimean Regional Center for Energy Management, modern center for welding equipment, vocational training, driving school (economics, computer technology, management, etc.)

The main directions of scientific activity of Sevastopol National Technical University Development of theoretical bases of mathematical modeling and creation of – highly effective information and measuring systems, new generations of element base of radio engineering and electronics, instrument making and communication systems. Development of theoretical bases and control systems for non-stationary processes and objects, automation of scientific research, design of control systems for complex industrial objects, software development. Development of new and improvement of existing resource-saving technologies, methods and devices of complex automation on the basis of industrial robots and flexible production systems. Development of theoretical bases and creation of new technical means of development of the continental shelf, control of the environment and its protection, non-traditional energy sources. Development of new instrumental technologies for implantation of biomechanical systems for minimally invasive surgery. Development of methods for the study of biological systems at the molecular and cellular levels, which is the basis for the creation of new biologically active substances and drugs. Development and implementation of market models of management systems, progressive methods of auditing and financial activities of economic entities.